“From Marathon to Waterloo, in Order Categorical”

Still contemplating my retelling of Themistocles’ tale, I came across a BBC radio programme that is a good quick introduction to the Greek/Persian Wars (the battles of Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis and Plataea).

I think I have formed a basic outline of how I would write the story. Much of the source material I’m pulling is from Plutarch's "Lives" and Thucydides' "History of the Peloponnesian War."

Themistocles of Athens- a basic outline

1. Themistocles at Argos— Pausanias visits Themis., discussing Themisistocles' ostracism and Pausanias’ plan. Then, months later, Themis. prepares to flee.

2. Themistocles at Corcyra-- Themis. tells the Corcyrans the reason for his troubles (Pausanias’ treason discovered and Pausanias' death, Themis. implicated in plot).

3. Themistocles at Epirus— Themis. tells King Admetus of his rise to power and making Athens great (the mines of Laurien, construction of Navy, and rebuilding of the wall following the Persian War).

4. Themistocles at Pydna— Themis. recounts to the captain of the boat taking him to Persia the tale of abandoning Athens by boat, and the battle of Salamis.

5. Themistocles at the Persian Court— Themis. appearance before King Artaxerxes (discussion of his youth. Themis. is given region of Magnesia to rule for the King.

6. Themistocles in Athens—Themis. body is re-interred back in his homeland.

That's a very rough outline obviously, but I think the backdrop of Themistocles' flight from Argos to Persia provides a good opportunity for him to tell the high-(and low-)lights of his life.


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