Bazooka Joe

Impulse buy of a box of Bazooka Joe bubble gum in the check-out line at the grocery store a couple nights ago. I remembered the comics of course (Favorite member of Bazooka Joe's gang is Mortimer, the guy with the red turtle neck pulled up over his nose), and collecting comics to redeem for Bazooka Joe "stuff," but I had totally forgotten about the fortunes included.

Here is what has been fortold for me so far, courtesy B.J.:
"You can get what you want by asking the right person."
"Expect unexpected visitors."
"You have the ability to become outstanding in literature."
"Don't take a detour on the path to greatness."
"A surprise trip is coming your way soon."
"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."
"You are heading towards a choice between money or happiness."

On the whole, much better fortunes than I usually receive in cookies at Chinese restaurants. Nowadays, cookie fortunes relay vague platitudes, but offer no real advice or insight.

Bazooka Joe, on the other hand, is really making me re-evaluate my life. And my jaw is beginning to hurt from all the chewing, and sometimes gum gets stuck in my facial hair when I blow a bubble.


Anonymous fs said...

"Expect unexpected visitors" is so Zen, it's making my head hurt.

Oh, Bazooka Joe, you and your logical conundrums/oxymorons!

6:40 PM, May 05, 2005  

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