Binge Drinking Cure or Awesome Party Aid?

A new study suggests chemicals derived from kudzu can cause binge drinkers to drink fewer beers in one sitting.

Researcher Scott Lukas thinks it causes people to feel drunk faster, thus limiting the desire for more alcohol.

Says the article: "Though kudzu won't turn drinkers into teetotalers, Lukas said, he hopes it can help heavy drinkers to cut back. "That way, they're a lot closer to being able to cut down completely.""

Somehow, I think it may not have the exact behavioral effect seen in the laboratory setting (by the way, only 14 people were tested). I can see college students popping kudzu pills before heading out to drink for the night, to get a faster buzz and keep the bar tab down. It might actually help people drink more slowly but maintain drinking for longer periods of time. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?


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