Happy Chewbacca!

My nearly 19-month old daughter did not sleep well last night. Partly, I suspect, because she is still acclimating to our new house. Partly, almost certainly, because she is recovering from a nasty bump on her forehead self-inflicted at daycare this week, and she has another ugly bruise on the tip of her right middle finger.

No, she didn't flip someone the bird and get bitten. We had the stepstool out to put away dishes in our new kitchen, and she pushed it over, falling with it and pinching her finger.

So, I was up with the cranky little girl at 5:30 Sunday morning, taking her downstairs to allow Mom and Granny (visiting) to get a couple more hours sleep. I dumped out onto the floor her collection of cards, inclduing fake credit cards, the kind you get in the mail as a part of a fabulous offer too good to miss.<BR> <BR> I went into the kitchen to start a LARGE pot of coffee, leaving Petunia quiently playing in the other room. As I was filling the reservoir, she came into the room. Walking straight to me, she handed me a small card and said matter-of-factly “Chewbacca.”

Sure enough, the card she passed me had the image of the universe's best known Wookie. It had come off the back a cereal box, along with other Star Wars characters (I did not give her the Emperor or Darth Sirius cards, since they were a bit scary looking.

Impressed, I praised her. It had been at least a week since we had those cards out. What a memory!

Eventually, Granny and Mommy came down. Mommy had been up late, then was up again with Petunia in the wee hours. So Mommy was tired and not entirely happy with the younger cranklepuss who had not slept well.

That would get me off on another topic of how those two are much alike. Clearly the petal does not fall far from the bush.

I handed Petunia the boxed bracelet to give to Mommy, which she did. I then prompted Petunia, “say 'Happy Mothers Day!'”

She just stared at Mommy. Mommy stared back. Who was going to break first? The tension mounted.

“Say 'Happy Mothers Day, Petunia,'” I ordered. Nothing. Mommy looked a little down.<BR> <BR> “Say 'Happy Chewbacca,'” I went with a proven commodity. Mommy looked slightly puzzled by my suggestion.

“Hap Chewbacca,” she responded slyly, with a little grin. Mommy laughed, said thank you and gave her little girl a hug, who returned the gesture.<BR> <BR> While we are not certain, we suspect that Mothers Day will simply be called “Chewbacca” in our home for years to come.

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