Waiting for the Story

I have written of my friend Gregg the photographer before. His primary day job is freelance cinematography, and a couple years ago he was hired as an AC for an Indian film that was shooting in Detroit (called "Premayanamaha").

During production, there was a small role that called for an American Buddhist monk to greet the main characters then leave. It was decided that Gregg would be perfect for this role. Below, he is shown in costume next to the director.

Gregg always ends each gig with an extended email to close friends, detailing his adventures. We always look forward to his anecdotes, especially run-ins with 'celebrities' (Dan Haggerty, Kato Kaelin, and Lance Howard among others... OK, I didn't say 'A-List celebrities.')

Recently, he was hired to DP a film tentatively titled Offshore, set in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), and Detroit. The plot involves the an American company who decides to outsource to India.

He left for India on the 23rd. On the 26th, the country was hit with the heaviest monsoon rains in recorded history. More than a thousand people died, mostly outside the city where there were mudslides and the housing is sub-standard.

Worried about him, and no informationI emailed the U.S. Consulate in Mumbai to ask about reports of any American casualties, and asked friendly journalists if they had any reports on the wires. There were no reports about Americans in the flood.

Sending an email to Gregg's account, we received this email from him on the 29th:

"Yeah I'm here... a bit soggy, but given the circumstances...

The night of the rains our car was overtaken by flood waters. We had to abandon it when the water level covered our seats and it stalled. it took us 7 hours to return from a trip that took 15 minutes. We ended up walking back to the hotel. I feel very fortunate in that many didn't return for a day and a half and some didn't return at all. The news says that it's the worst 24 hour rainfall in the country's history. Things are limping back to normal. Most shops are open and I was able to get a cup of tea at a coffee shop yesterday. They had no milk for lattes. We are still going ahead with our shoot, though we may delay starting by 1 day. Our sound guy is stuck in Londonwith our lenses.

all is fine here, and my boots should be dry in a few days...


It is classic Gregg to sum up the country's problems by saying "they had no milk for lattes." So now we know he is OK, but I am anxious to get the full story upon his return.


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