The Bandwagon Effect

The Washington Post ran an article today about how the glossy celebrity magazine market continues to boom, even while circulation figures for daily newspaper and other weekly mags suffers.

What they failed to mention is some of the subtle ways that the declining titles are trying to fight back and grab some of the gossip-hungry dollar.

For instance, take a look at a recent issue of Business Week.

OK, a little sex appeal thrown in to the mix. Trying to broaden their horizons. Not so bad.

But a more extreme example can be found in this upcoming issue of Harper's. As a corollary side-note, Lewis Lapham was recently spotted drinking with the Olson Twins at an after-party for the Teen Choice Awards.

The inside story seems to suggest that Apple Paltrow-ColdplayGuy was also at the party, and in fact bought the beer using a fake ID.

Finally, this one just boggles my mind. First the venerable WSJ goes color, now this...

I mean c'mon, how could they get rid of "Marketplace"?! It was my favorite section.


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