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Ah, the PR Newswire... usually a fine repository for poorly written, self-serving press releases which I openly mock. I even have several of their RSS feeds on my Google homepage, for you to get a sense of how sick I am.

A recent press release got my attention in a good way, and actually made me a little misty.

"LAKE COUNTY, Ohio, Sept. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Lake County, Ohio's smallest county, features 15,000 acres of foliaged land, preserved for public viewing... Unlike other east coast popular destinations, where full tree colors quickly fade, Lake County has a more diverse tree stock of red maples, oaks and sugar maples providing up to three weeks of color."

While the Winters I could do without, Autumn in Northeast Ohio was something to behold. Perhaps its just the little Proust in me, but give me one little whiff of crisp autumn air and I am momentarily transported back to my childhood along the shores of Lake Erie.

The release lists some of the attractions of Northeast Ohio, including the "235-acre Lake Metroparks Farmpark in Kirtland is one of Lake Metroparks' 27 parks encompassing 7,015 acres."

We took Petunia there a little over a month ago, during a trip back to visit family. A highlight was her first pony ride. The ride on Sunshine left such an impression that she now calls her rocking horse by the same name.

She also enjoyed saying hi to the pigs and the sheep, and telling the roosters to "Be Quiet!"

As Merseydotes also discovered, there is an actual honest-to-goodness beach in Mentor. The Headlands is a unqiue ecological area that has a freshwater marsh, and a sandy swath of shoreline.

So consider lovely Lake County for you next family vacation.

Now back to our regularly scheduled cynicism, already in progress...


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