Attitude Modifications

Off the top of your head, make a list of some of the most humorless groups in the world.

I doubt any of you named people into body modification, that is people enough into it that they frequent a blog entirely dedicated to the practice.

I stumbled upon such a blog recently via a link from Fark, and saw this post that included this picture:

Clearly, somewhere the executives at EA are dancing for joy at the prospect of their corporate logo sprouting a layer of winter fur. But that's another point.

So perhaps feeling a wee bit snarky, I make a comment on the blog with the following helpful suggestions:

"Seriously, if you are into body modifications, I have a couple initial thoughts for you:
1. Slimfast
2. Laser Hair Removal"

From the reaction, you'd think I'd canceled Festivus.

Insults rained down on me. I was accused of being an "asshole," someone who was trying to "ruin it" for other people, not accepting of alternative body types, a "cock," and a hater of French Canadians.

ALL TRUE, yes, but the fact is you would think people who are into piercing, cutting, stitching, inking, burning, implanting things etc into their own flesh for public display wouldn't be so bloody sensitive.


Anonymous gregg said...

I for one would second the Slimfast AND the laser hair removal. I would have chosen a different logo, like the UPC code on the back of the neck ala Rollins, or mabe the Panavision logo on the shoulder ...WAIT!! I know! Starbucks right on the old posterior!

BTW screw Festivus!

10:09 AM, January 22, 2006  

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