Weirdest Thing

I was just pulling the highly frowned-upon maneuver of drinking OJ straight from the carton out of the fridge.  Its almost empty, so I was not worried about passing my germs on to others.

As I grabbed the carton from the door, my eye immediately darted over to the small container of chocolate milk my daughter had been drinking from at lunch.  Just as quickly, I coveted it, and my conscious mind forgot totally about orange juice and fixated on the milk.

However, somewhere a synapse failed to relay new marching orders to my muscles.  I continued pulling the OJ carton from the door, twisted off the lid (its one of those hybrid cartons you don't peel back on side of... but I guess all juice comes like that now), and put it to my lips.

Now here's the weird part.  My mind was thinking "chocolate milk...chocolate milk..." and was already anticipating the taste. And at that moment, the orange juice hit my tongue.

Nothing was wrong with the juice, its still a ways off from expiration, but my the reaction of my mind to this was 'This is not chocolate milk... nor is it anything remotely milk-like or chocolaty.  There must be something wrong with this!"

Stunned by this odd sensation of citrus when my mind expected cocoa, I held the juice in my mouth for a second while the 286 processor in my head pondered all that had transpired in the past few seconds (I run Windows 3, by the way, very stable).  Once the substance was positively identified as OJ and the whole trouble cleared up, I could finally swallow.

If I had only used a glass.
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Anonymous buzz said...

someone is lucky they had any chocolate milk left.

8:09 AM, February 28, 2006  

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